A new creative space – new possibilities

„A photograph is a moral decision taken in one eighth of a second.“

This quote by Salman Rushdie describes best our point of view in the development of our photography. Taking a picture is always a subjective expression on how we see the world around us.

As photography entusiasts we desided to start a new creative Blog for sharing our ideas, thoughts and projects in photography.

We have been creative for almost 20 years now, mostly by making shortfilms, but during the years both of us developed an interest in photography as a creative outlet. Sascha – as a media professional – is keenly interested in capturing his spectacular travel experiences in very few images, that tell stories of cultures and people. His images are mainly in glorious black and white and pull the viewer into them, asking for more. Torsten’s interests include animal and people portraiture, landscape and citiscapes. He puts his images in more context to tell the stories of his subjects.

With this blog we want work together again creatively, challenge ourselves and invite others to their take on the world around us as well.