rewind to the past

This post is about the first time I took photos for the sake of photography, that is to say the first time I thought of pictures as more than snapshots. I realized I wanted to take pictures of places and people two years before, when I first went to Africa, but I did not have a camera back then and only bought it some months before I was set to return to Tanzania. As I went on a short holiday in Wiltshire for summer college at Marlborough, I brought my brand new Olympus Pen EPL 2 with its 14-42 (equiv. 28-84mm on full-frame). 

Wiltshire is a wonderful county that showcases the typical landscape of Great Britain, rather rural, small towns with their parish churches and patches of farmland, whimsically cut up by hedges. Inside all of that there are spectacular and unique remnants of the past scattered all around. Apart from the old towns, you can find the Avebury Henge and Stonehenge, both being UNESCO World Heritage sites. Moreover, there is a functional Roman Bath in the aptly called town of Bath. 2012 saw a stunning summer with golden light every day and that holiday still is one of my favourites.

In terms of photography, I took my first pictures and some of the first that I really liked. It’s hard to be sure, though. One’s own pictures are always infused with the emotions you experienced back then, so that it’s hard to be objective. An acquaintance of mine asked me recently if starting out with photography was hard, meaning that in the beginning almost no one produces one’s best work. I think that I was lucky that my holiday there made it easy to take nice shots, but you be the judge.


p.s. hey Sascha, why not share some of your favourites from the past that made you follow through with photography?