Something I nearly repressed

In photography I´m always looking forward, trying to push myself to get better results. The consequence is that older pictures get kicked out of my portfolio. I keep them hidden on one of my hard-drives, but hardly looked at them again.

Torsten asked for my first photos that leave its mark in my photography, so here is the story and the pictures:

I bought my first camera in 2009. It was a Nikon D80 with an aweful kit-lens with a range of 18-55mm. There is really not much you can do with it, but as a beginner I started experimenting with aperture and shutterspeed. At that time I was a Photoshop nerd, so I post-processed most of these images to death. High saturated, oversharpened and somtimes with the use of grunge-textures. Nowadays I´m not shure what I tried to express. Nothing special I think, just developing my skills.

In 2009 I traveled to Croatia and from there I did daytrips to Slovenia, Trieste and Venice. That was a wonderful opportunity to proof that camera. Here are some pictures of Venice I worked on.