Sick and uninspired… in Madeira

When I thought about where to go for holiday this year, Madeira was not my favorite destination, but there was no time to organize a road trip. I remembered so many people and friends (including Torsten) who told me that Madeira is a wonderful place to be. Well… what should I say? I am not that impressed.

Don’t get me wrong, but somehow this holidays did not work out for me. Unfortunately I was getting ill after we arrived on the island, laying in bed for 2 days, too weak to do anything but resting. After I felt better my wife got the same symptoms, so she was resting for the next 2 days. The first week we nearly did not see anything of the island. After we both recovered we started to explore Madeira by car and the second week we felt good enough try some hiking-trails. But after that 2 weeks I was glad to get back home.

What went wrong? Maybe it was just the wrong time of the year, but the only thing that really satisfied me was hiking. It is pretty nice to walk through nature, but if there is nothing else, I start to get bored.
And that’s it. What I missed was some kind of authentic atmosphere in the towns and cities, but everything looks like made for the tourists. Even the Capital Funchal was not very exciting. I was wondering where do all the locals go to, but I did not find out.

I think that’s why I am not very happy with the pictures I have taken there, because all I found were the touristic hotspots where everyone is going to. So here are some examples and I am pretty sure that Torsten got the same kind of picture when he was there last year. Proof me wrong, Torsten. Time to compare!