Challenge accepted – Food Photography

I love cooking, so I was pretty happy about Torsten’s suggestion to challenge each other in Food-Photography. Unfortunately there is almost no time for cooking in my life, because working und studying troubles me a lot. So I decided to shoot pictures of that kind of food I nearly eat every day and arrange it in a nice way.

I live in colonge, but I grew up in an area called „Ruhrpott“. This area is famous for its coal-mining during the last century. It´s full of people you would call simple workers, but I would say it´s a place where you can find people with a unique mentality, sometimes a bit rough, but always with a heart for what they are doing.

However… This place is also famous for a fast-food-delicacy called „Currywurst / Pommes“, which means a sausage swimming in a curry sauce with french fries. And you better eat it with mayonnaise on top.

So that should be my subject to shoot. Without any experience in Food-Photography and without any lighting-equipment at home I tried to get the best results. So I grabbed my coffetable, positioned it next to a window and arranged the food. I noticed pretty fast how difficult this challenge is and I struggled with my subject to get it into a good position and place some fresh and healthy looking stuff around it (What’s the lemon doing there? I don´t know). The longer I shot that thing I took more and more of that stuff out of my scene till there were no decorations left. You can see the evolution of the shot in the images I posted here. I think for the beginning I did a good job, but I do not want to dive deeper into this genre.

After my shoot I ate my subject. The food was already cold, but guess what… still delicious! Mhhh….