Fogrise…. and negative space

Hey Sascha, your last post was a headscratcher for me, it really made me think about why I take pictures in terms of which compositions make me hit the shutter. I guess I am usually very literal about my images. There is something I want someone else to see and so I go close. Composition takes the backseat to some degree. Or so I thought.

I remember the first time we went out together, we walked through Hamburg. You can find my old post here. You took  a picture of the Spiegel-building with lots of negative space, heavily angled to one side, I saw it and tried to recreate the look, but it didn’t work for me. I liked your image, but not mine. The difference is that we see different things. All in all, negative space is not something I explicitly look for (very often).

Three weeks ago it jumped me in the eye. I went up the Michel, Hamburg’s main church after doing some sunrise photography. The fog crept up so heavily that I could not see anything straight on, so I thought about shooting the Michel from the inside. When I found out that there was an escalator going up the tower and not just my legs, I rose to the challenge and went up. The fog went just below the viewing platform next to the bell and all of Hamburg’s landmark-architecture peeked out of the fog. I liked the tops of the buildings looking very abstract, lost and almost frail and I recognized the beauty of this view in terms of negative space. And here it was. I found the content in the negative space; if that is understandable. From here on, I think it belongs to my arsenal of techniques, because I can connect an emotion to it. 

I hope you enjoyed these, but they made me wonder. These are images that are not typical for my photography. So Sascha, now I know how you see. But what are your favourite subjects to shoot? I’m looking forward to Sunday. Cheers!